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Our Foundation

It was the year 1965 – Combined Services, Inc. (later renamed Combined Blue Dragon Security and Services, Inc. on 1988), the first security and manpower agency of the Unibond Group of Companies was founded by former Ambassador Jose Macario Laurel IV, the eldest grandson of former Philippine President, Jose P. Laurel.

The Vision

With the vision of a stable and safe business environment, its aim is to deter security threats and strengthen security measures, proactively adapting to the ever changing landscape of security threats, thus helping clients do their businesses with peace of mind. Consequently, the creation of these security and manpower agencies has provided job opportunities to thousands of Filipinos, most of which did not get to finish their college education, but were able to have decent jobs. The end goal of helping people, while addressing unemployment problems which ultimately contribute to the Philippine economy, is the company’s aspiration.

50 Years Strong & Counting

The Unibond Group of Companies has been providing professional security and manpower services to loyal clients for more than 50 years. This is a testament that it values the client’s partnership, and that they’re in it for the long haul – an alliance strongly founded on trust. From Combined Services in 1965, we now have 10 more security agencies, a manpower agency, a trading firm, a clinic/neuro-psych testing center, a training school, and a lending firm.


Mission & Vision

To achieve sustainable business growth by maintaining the highest quality of security and manpower services and to continuously build an organization that attracts, develops, and retains outstanding employees. To be the leading security and manpower agency in the Philippines.

Unibond Group's Values

Our Reliability

Our clients have direct access to our security management 24/7.

Our Foundation

UNIBOND GROUP OF COMPANIES is rooted deeply in trust and reliability with our 56 years in the industry.

Our Ability to Innovate

We adapt to the times and find new and other ways of developing our services to meet clients specifications.

We Bring Peace of Mind

The presence of security personnel is deterrent to crimes, thus giving business owners, employees and customers a sense of safety and security.

We Help You Grow

Your Business Our services help contain business losses and interruptions.

Clean Spaces

Outer order contributes to inner calm. Boost your productivity by maintaining cleanliness in your workplace.

Building Long Term Partnerships With

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