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Grandknights Security Services Corporation

Established on September 03, 2021Grandknights Security Services Corporation is a spin-off of the operations of its sister company, GRANDEUR SECURITY AND SERVICES CORPORATION. Under existing laws and regulations, a private security agency is only allowed to employ a total of 1,000 guards and any number beyond it is prohibited. Thus, in order to continue the commitment of GRANDEUR SECURITY AND SERVICES CORPORATION to provide quality and dedicated service to its growing number of clients, it promptly decided to form a new corporation, which embodies the same ideals, vision and principles of service to all its clients.

Our Competitive Advantage

Highly Trained Professionals

All security personnel follow streamlined standard operating procedures to ensure efficient and effective service delivery. Grandeur aims to provide a comprehensive and continuous training program to its employees through our in-house training academy, the Unified Security Training Academy, Inc.

Motivated Workforce

Grandeur takes care of its employees by providing above and beyond all mandatory benefits due to them, because we value them as partners. Thus positively impacting the quality of service we render our clients.

Reliable Response Team

Grandeur specialize in customizing security solutions addressing diverse social and economical environments, while ensuring an attentive and responsive Key Officers and Operations Department at any time of the day.



"We treat our people right, which conveys into higher job satisfaction and consistent quality service for the client. "


Services Offered

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Key Officers

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