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Uni-7th Force Security and Services Inc.

Established on June 28, 2016, UNI-7TH FORCE SECURITY AND SERVICES INCORPORATED is the newest security agency to date under the UNIBOND GROUP OF COMPANIES. It is the 7th security agency of the group, hence the name. Its number of growing clients are a testament that time and again, the UNIBOND GROUP OF COMPANIES has proven that it can deliver uncompromising quality of service and that it can handle the responsibility and accountability of a security agency to its clients.

With over 50 years of vast experience in the security and manpower services, the Unibond Group of Companies, through its new security agency the UNI-7TH FORCE, endeavour to provide the same quality of service and assure you that the same people and system shall attend and apply, respectively, in the conduct of its day to day operations. Trust, Integrity, and Honesty are the values upon which it builds its growth and success, and which it lives and works by.

Uni-7th Force is your partner in the safety and security protection of your assets.  

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Our Competitive Advantage

Duly Licensed

All security officers and guards are duly licensed by the Philippine National Police – Supervisory Office for Security and Investigation Agency (PNP-SOSIA). They are selected for their good moral character, are well trained and have the proper clearances upon deployment.

Well-Trained Security Personnel

Uni-7th Force has a PNP- SOSIA accredited in-house training school (Unified Security Training Academy, Inc.) which qualifies its security personnel with up-to-date security training courses, necessary in the efficient performance of duties.

24/7 Quick Response

The Executive and Operation Officers can respond to your needs 24/7. The operation center is manned by day and night duty officers, security officers and inspectors. The detachment supervisors and inspectors on field assignments are equipped with radios, cellular phones, and vehicles to conduct inspection and assist guards on duty.

Your hard work. Your life’s work. The ones you value. Let us help you secure it.


  • Security Guard Services
  • Investigation of Cases
  • Background Investigation
  • Surveillance Operation
  • Strike Force Contingency
  • Security Contingency Force 
  • Security Crowd Control Force
  • Security Survey of Installation
  • VIP Escort Training & VIP Escorting 
  • Security Seminars

The Key Officers

Ms. Jessica B. Madlangbayan

President & General Manager

Second Photo (From left to right)

Mr. Fernan C. Noriega, Senior Security Officer

Ms. Ma. Daphnie Nyield Nemenio, Finance Officer

Mr. Paulino I. Melo, HR & Admin Manager

Need help? Email us at info@unibondgroup.com or call (02) 7-255-1529 (Mon - Fri: 8:30 - 17:30).