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Unified Medical Services, Inc.

Unified Medical Services, Inc. is the official neuro-psychiatric examination, physical examination and drug testing laboratory of the Unibond Group of Companies. 

It has strictly been implemented to only accept applicants and trainees who will undergo neuro and drug tests from the group’s in-house laboratory. This is to ensure that all trainees have gone through proper tests and diagnosis, with a 100% assurance that all results are true and credible, interpreted and accomplished according to the standards of the Department of Health, Philippine National Police and Department of Labor and Employment.

UMSI offers a salary deduction scheme with regards to the payment of fees under the “Train Now, Pay Later” program of the Unibond Group of Companies, so as to lighten the burden of our employees, and to ultimately ensure that all personnel shall undergo proper testing before deployment.

Unified Medical Services, Inc. also caters to all walk-in clients and partnerships with other companies outside of the Unibond Group.


Services We Offer

  • Neuro Psychiatric Examination
  • Drug Test Screening
  • Physical Examination (x-ray, laboratory)
  • Dental Services 

Need help? Email us at info@unibondgroup.com or call (02) 7-255-1529 (Mon - Fri: 8:30 - 17:30).