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Unified Security Training Academy, Inc.

The Unified Security Training Academy, Inc. is a private training institution dedicated to the development of competency and values of security professionals. It was established on March 24, 1994 and is part of the Unibond Group of Companies.

To ensure that the client’s properties are protected by quality professional security personnel, it’s in-house training school sees to it that all security personnel are equipped with the highest quality of training possible, up-to-date security training courses, as well as complete training facilities, necessary in the efficient performance of duties – all in accordance to the mandate of Republic Act 5487 otherwise known as the “Private Security Agency Law” as well as its amendments and directives.

USTA offers a salary deduction scheme with regards to the payment of fees under the “Train Now, Pay Later” program to all affiliate agencies of the Unibond Group, so as to lighten the burden from the guards, and to ultimately ensure that all security personnel shall undergo proper training before deployment.

The training academy also caters to all walk-in applicants and partnerships with other security agencies outside of the Unibond Group.  


Mission & Vision

To contribute to the community by providing opportunities for all professional and dedicated security personnel through quality training and various specialized courses needed to enhance security profession.

Under its dedicated leadership, will continue to contribute its share to the professionalization of the security industry and henceforth, provide our nation with the opportunity to explore and view the highly dignified and respectable people who provide us security in our lives with qualified, highly trained, and professional security guards who can help in the promotion of peace and security.


Courses Offered

A. Licensure Training
  •   Pre-Licensing Training Course
  •   Re-Training Course
  •   Supervisory Course
B.    Specialized/Enhancement Training
  •   Bank and Armored Security
  •   VIP Protection Training
  •   Mall/Commercial Security Training
  •   Organizational Development
  •   Leadership and Personal Development Training
  •   Bomb Threat Awareness / Fire Prevention and Control
  •   Legal Aspects of Security
  •   Handling Emergency Situations
  •   Customer Service Training
  •   Convergence of Safety and Security
  •   Team Building Training
  •   Crown Control Training
  •   Basic Life Support Training
  •   Gender Equality Awareness Development
  •   Basic Occupational Safety and Health (BOSH)
  •   Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)
  •   Gun Safety Seminar
  •   Physical Security Survey
  •   Basic Investigation Procedures

·   Specialized CCTV Command Officer Training Course 


Key Officers


Ms. Helen C. Aquino, CPA, CST, CSP, CSMS

President/Training Director

StaffMs. Julia Marie S. Gregorio           – Accountant

Mr. Joshua Emmanuel R. Dionio          – Admin

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